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Dive Tap • Share your world with a tap

It all begins with a

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A single tap to share your entire world

Dive Tap is a plastic card that sends information when tapped to the back of someone's phone. Look too easy? We assure you, it's really that simple

Easy action switch

Share an entire contact

Tap twice

For emergency contact details

Real-time analytics

Get an hour-to-hour sum of every tap and the unique users who you shared your Tap with. This can be scaled for larger applications using the card's root link and QR code

File sharing evolved

Share files with your Dive Tap up to 32 MB at a time

Works with Hydrin

Hydrin is our free service that fits your links, emails, and numbers in one beautiful card

Custom nicknames


Covers are our in-house Tap designs. We built them to be unique, functional, and eye-catching (as well fit perfectly on a plastic card)


It's futuristic, clean, and so Dive we might buy the entire stock ourselves. Assuming that doesn't happen, this brand deconstruction that perfectly encapsulates the gray and red aesthetic is ready to order. Show all of your friends, family, and coworkers that you have the best aesthetic in the room—this card will probably send that message

Ramen To GoNEW

Did you know that ramen was invented in Chinatown, Japan? We certainly didn't until writing this description. After reading that we kinda don't know how to write some quippy remark about this card anymore. Every person we showed this to immediately responded with "I'm hungry now, thanks," so if you wish to curse your friends with a hunger for noodles and other delicious toppings, there really isn't a better design

Cat FlowerNEW

If you get it, you get it. Inspired by a friend of Dive's own cat design, we hand-crafted our hybrid animal for a very specific group of people... people with taste. We won't bore you with the details because we know you're already convinced

Too Many SportsNEW

Why are there so many sports? Seriously. And they all have their own rules and balls. It was a pain for us to keep track of and there's only like five sports included in this design. I mean technically you could include running because that doesn't need a ball but you get the point. So yep, that's our design. We're pretty proud of it

Octopus MatchNEW

Let's face it, your social game isn't where you want it to be. You're desperate to find better ways to share your stuff with the people in your life. You could continue in your life of misery, or you could take a chance with a new game. The Dive Tap game. You participate in Octopus Match, and we'll ship you a new product that will evolve the way you share your online world. Sounds pretty good, right?

Sunrise Red

When designing this card, only one question was on the table: what color gradient would make people want to buy this thing? Luckily, we received some inspiration from one of earth's most universally beloved events, a sunrise. Combining Dive red with a mango yellow, we crafted something that might just suit your fancy

Dive Into Darkness

So it's called "Dive Into Darkness," but the majority of the card is white—deal with it. We're proud to sell this as the cheapest option in the Tap lineup while also making it look like the very definition of class. What more do we even need to say about it?

Soft Rainbow

Here at Dive, we're all about gradients. They're technically on the list of our key principles, like privacy and good ethics. That's why we made this card specifically for those who need more gradients in their lives. Guaranteed, people will ask you about this in public (legally we can't confirm that)

Soft Red

Want to use up all the magenta ink in our printer? Now's your chance! It's really that simple. Side effects of using this card include people knowing you like the color red, you realizing that you like color red, and oh wait... that's the whole list

We get it already! You don't like our designs. If you have a great idea, we'd love to help you send it through our printer (yes, we only have one)


There are two things you need to know: we love printing random stuff on Tap cards and we want you to contribute to our randomness. So we'll cut you a deal. You send us a pic and the price of a phone case, and we'll send you a piece of plastic you won't find anywhere else